Acciones por la PAZ – Actions for PEACE


Invitamos a todos nuestros amigos a celebrar el 66 aniversario de la abolición del ejército en Costa Rica este 1 de diciembre del 2014.

Cómo lo puedes hacer?

Una acción para celebrar la paz:

- Caminar por la paz
- Cantar por la paz 
- Hablar sobre la paz 
- Escribir o leer un poema por la paz
- Pintar por la paz y más…

Una fotografía:

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Comparte con los demás. Nuestra celebración es virtual!

Animate y ayúdanos a promover la paz.

acciones por la pazactions for peaceaction paix


100 mensajes de Paz para el Presidente de Costa Rica: una iniciativa de Ecosistemas de Paz

Día Internacional de la Paz – 21 septiembre de 2014 
100 Mensajes de paz | 16 Nacionalidades | 8.901km
recuadro edpFOTO PRESI 1Foto Presi 2Foto Presi 3

La iniciativa

El pasado 3 de julio Ecosistemas de Paz participó con su exposición y taller interactivo, como parte de las actividades del Día de Costa Rica en el Solar Decatlón 2014, en la ciudad de Versalles Francia.

Por invitación de TEC Team y su proyecto Tropika,  ACRF Asociación de Costarricenses en Francia y la Embajada  de Costa Rica en Francia. Ecosistemas de Paz tuvo la oportunidad de promover la cultura de paz y no violencia de Costa Rica entre los asistentes.

Como parte de la exposición, y buscando que el mensaje de Paz viaje por todo el mundo, imprimimos 100 tarjetas postales. Le solicitamos así a cada visitante escribir un mensaje de Paz al Presidente de la República de Costa Rica.

Dirigimos todas las tarjetas a la Casa Presidencial. Nos pareció un momento oportuno para enviarle un mensaje al Presidente en una actividad internacional como lo fue el Solar Decatlón, en la que nuestro país tuvo un lugar privilegiado.

Hoy 21 de septiembre “Día Internacional de la Paz” queremos compartir con todos ustedes y especialmente con aquellas personas que escribieron mensajes a nuestro Presidente, que su mensaje llego a buen puerto.

Don Luis Guillermo está muy agradecido con el gesto.  Me pidió que les enviara un afectuoso saludo y les reitere su compromiso con la paz y el respeto del medio ambiente, los cuales son ejes de la política exterior costarricense”. Luis Emilio Jiménez González –Director Despacho del Presidente de la República

Para el equipo de Ecosistemas de Paz este gesto nos llena de alegría y nos inspira a seguir con nuestro proyecto alrededor del mundo.

Agradecemos a todas las personas que colaboraron con la iniciativa para que esto fuera posible.

cita edp

Fotografías: Comunicaciones Casa Presidencial. Sr. Roberto Carlos Sánchez- Fotógrafo

WE WILL BE AT VERSAILLES Solar Decathlon 2014 competition

Ecosistemas de Paz will be at the Cite du Soleil, near by the Palace of Versailles in the Solar Decathlon 2014 event with our exhibition and workshop. We will be supporting the Costa Rican solar-house project TROPIKA by the TEC Team.

costa rica dayEcosistemas de Paz exhibition and workshop
When: Thursday 3rd of July 2014
Where: Cite du Soleil
Hour: 12 noon

Ecosistemas de Paz was invited to participate at the Costa Rica Country Day by the TEC Team, ACRF Association of Costa Ricans in France and Costa Rica Embassy in France to represent Costa Rican culture at the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014.

The Solar Decathlon was inaugurated in U.S. in 2002 after an initiative taken by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Open to the public, the Solar Decathlon is an award-winning Competition which unites the greatest universities from all over the world to design, build and operate a full-scale, entirely functional solar-powered house. The third edition will be held from June 28th to July 14 in Versailles, Paris, in a temporary and sustainable micro-city called La Cite du Soleil.

The name of the Project is TROPIKA and it was created by 36 students from 12 different academic fields of the Costa Rican Institute of Technology and includes administrators, architects, designers, and engineers.  Juan Carlos Marti, PM explained that the main goal was to create a concept that could be adapted as a real solution for housing in our ecosystem. TROPIKA is a sustainable home that leverages the benefits of the tropical climate of Costa Rica, also uses materials that cause low environmental impact and has not neglected the requirements of accessibility and mobility that would benefit seniors and people with special needs.

They need your support  to win the Public Choice award. Vote at

You can learn more about this project at




Global Peace Workshop 2014


RussiaTurkeysouth Africa,AfghanistankirkistanTico Culture at Global Peace Workshop 

Costarricans are feeling excited and happy for many reasons. Everyone is talking about our country because our soccer team finished unbeaten the first round  in the 2014 Brazil WorldCup. Also, Unesco granted the four archaelogical sites with pre-Columbian stone spheres as World Heritage. As well, Costa Rica has been ranked 25th out of 132 countries in the global ranking of social progress.

We have more good news, Katherine Armstrong from Ecosistemas de Paz team is participing at the 2nd Annual Global Peace Workshop 23-27, June 2014 in Muğla,Turkey. At this workshop, they are exploring the role of young people in promoting peace through arts, culture and tourism.

Culture is a vital instrument in building peace, helping us to understand ourselves, our values and traditions in relation to others near and far. In today’s increasingly connected world, where we are able to cut across boundaries and interact with others with unprecedented ease, the opportunities for cultural exchange have never been so vast. And it is often the young who make the most of these opportunities, travelling to other countries for work, study and tourism, and building relationships across difference at home and online.

Increased cultural exchange can help us to foster mutual understanding and manage change, yet much of the potential of culture for building peace goes untapped.

The Ecosistemas de Paz voice is represented by Katherine at this event. She is working with Phd candidates, researchers, advocates, diplomats and professors from Afganistan, Arzebaijan, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, Philippines, U.S.A, South Africa and more.

Katherine was selected from more than 300 candidates around the world. We welcome this opportunity to explore the challenges that young people are facing to build a culture of peace.

Congratulations Katherine! We are so proud of your talent and dedication in building a culture of peace and non violence around the world.

Workshop at Sarajevo Peace Event

Saturday June 7th from 4 to 10 PM


Muhameda Ef. Pandže 7, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia y Herzegovina


Speakers: Katherine Armstrong, Silvia Espinoza and Vanessa Mendez

Artists: Ronald Reyes, Lucas Iturriza, Rosemary Golcher, Luis Alvarado Gustavo Cambronero and Ericka Lopez.

Supporters: University of Peace, Arias Foundation for the Progress and Human Development,  Jose Figueres Ferrer Historic Cultural Center)

Ecosystems of Peace is an exhibition that presents the work of 6 artist based in Costa Rica. All of them use their photography to develop a multi-voice narrative. Each artist displays their intimate reflection of how Costa Ricans live while encouraging the culture of peace and non-violence. We pride ourselves in promoting the country’s track record of erradicating the army, seeding cultural diversity, setting an example for democracy, leading the way for biodiversity, and educating for peace.

Please spread the word, visit our workshop and follow us







Our supporters

Ecosistemas de paz greatly appreciates all contributions to our work and would like to recognize the mission of these institutions that promote the culture of peace and non-violence from Costa Rica to the world:

logo-upeaceUniversity for Peace (UPEACE) is an education organization established in Costa Rica in 1980 “to provide humanity with an international institution of higher education for peace with the aim of promoting among all human beings the spirit of understanding, tolerance and peaceful coexistence, to stimulate cooperation among peoples and to help lessen obstacles and threats to world peace and progress, in keeping with the noble aspirations proclaimed in  the Charter of the United Nations” UPEACE current Rector is Dr. Francisco Rojas Aravena.

Letter of support  Letter of support UPEACE

For more information please visit:

logo fundacion arias 1The Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress is a Costa Rican non-governmental and non-profit organization. It was created in 1988 with the monetary support of the Nobel Peace Prize, granted to the founder and then-President of the Republic of Costa Rica, Dr. Oscar Arias Sánchez, in recognition of his action in favor of peace and reconciliation in Central America. It has, as a mission, to promote just and peaceful societies and equality in Central America. The Foundation’s continuing work is divided among three active and expanding areas: the Area for Good Governance and Human Progress, the Area for Peace and Human Security, and the Area for Higher Education and Research.

Letter of support: Letter of support Arias Foundation

For more information please visit:

centro figueres logoCultural and Historic Center Jose Figueres Ferrer is an institution under the management of the Ministery of Culture and Youth, which aims to promote arts and culture as a way of strengthening democratic values. Was conceived as a place where people can “take a peek” at art in its various forms and develop their own sensitivity, so that the words of Don Jose Figueres Ferrerer “Why tractors without violins?” don’t become worn out words.

 Because the memory of Jose Figueres Ferrer as a humanist, statesman and politician, deserves to be honored: Don Pepe is recognized in the world for having the vision to abolish the army, allowing Costa Rica to invest in social development. He was a man committed to culture and always gave great importance to the cultivation of the arts.

 The museum is located in the birthplace of Don Jose Figueres Ferrer in 1906. The institutions seeks to covert the site into a learning and entertainment place, enabling people to take and convey the importance of spirit cultivating or democracy strengthening and human development promotion.

 It is a living monument, where children, youth and adults are admitted every day, hoping to learn about dance, music, literature, visual arts, etc, adn where people have a space to discuss thoughts and ideas. It focuses its work to foster stimulating enviroment for learning and enjoyment of art through various artistic training and promotion projects and strenghtening democratic values. Source costaricainfolink

Ecosistemas de Paz exhibition will be at Cultural and Historic Center Jose Figueres Ferrer from September 6th 2014. Don´t miss the opportunity!

For more information please visit:

Ecosystems and Media

La Sabana Park presidential inaguration





Photo: Ronald Reyes 


We are all citizens of the world who learn from each others experiences. Costa Rica history deserves to be told.

Costa Rican media knows how important it is to spread the word about peace and non violence around the world. They support our initiative with these amazing articles.

You can help to promote peace and non violence. We invite you to be part of the change and help us to spread the word!

Please click on the following articles and learn more about our initiative.


Fotografías de la paz de Costa Rica viajarán a Europa


republicaCultura de paz tica viajará a Europa


tico timesTico photos series to debut at Sarajevo PeaceEvent

logo fundacion arias 1


Ecosistemas de Paz en Sarajevo Peace Event 2014



mal pais logo


Iniciativa de paz con sello tico viaja a Sarajevo


entorno inteligente logo

COSTA RICA: Fotografías de la paz de Costa Rica viajarán a Europa



oficina de becas logo

Sarajevo Peace Event 2014 conmemora 100 años del inicio de la I Guerra Mundial Iniciativa de paz con sello tico viaja a Sarajevo




Peace initiative with Tico identity on its way to Sarajevo


Meet the artists

Lucas Iturriza: (project declared of cultural interest)

Lucas is a doLucas Iturrizacumentary and portrait photographer specializing in native populations, travel and culture. He has traveled extensively through 5 continents in search of stories and images. He directed Marcopolo Magazine, an Argentinean travel magazine for 5 years. He devised and produced “Postcards from Marcopolo” for the National Geographic Channel for 4 years. Iturriza also cofounded the photo agency Photonomada whose philosophy is “Understanding difference, we build peace.” His articles are published in newspapers and magazines throughout the world. Since 2007 he permanently relocated to the south Caribbean, which he uses as a base for documenting Costa Rica and Central America.


Rosemary Golcher:

Rosemary Golcher

Born in Costa Rica, she graduated in 1995 with honors from the University of Costa Rica. She majored in Fine Arts with emphasis on “Painting”. She was a founding member of the Costa Rican Association of Visual Artists, ACAV, she has been president for four years, and in 2012 completed her presidency. Now she is Honory President of ACAV. Since 1994 she has participated in several art shows individual and collective of painting, printmaking woodcut, digital art, textile art and drawing in Costa Rica, The United States, Spain, Germany, Chile, Poland, Italy, Mexico, Honduras, Argentina, Turkey, China, Nicaragua, France and Netherlands.


Ronald Reyes:

Ronald Reyes

Ronald Reyes Sevilla is a visual artist and photographer born in Costa Rica. He founded Dos Mares, a french organization that supports international artists through exhibitions, book editions and residence programs. At the same time he created    Upeeee Studio,  a  commercial  photo studio.  Before moving to France, Ronald worked as photographer-in-chief at The Tico Times, an English-Language weekly based in San José, Costa Rica. After this period he became photographer at the Associated Press (AP) and also started a career as a freelance photographer working for Costa Rican and worldwide publications such as the Institute on the Environment, Frommer’s, Fodor’s, Kircher-Burkhardt, L.A. Times, Star Telegram and many others. He studied at the Universidad de Costa Rica, Colegio Universitario de Alajuela and L’Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie d’Arles.


Luis Alvarado:

Luis Alvarado

Costa Rican photographer born in San Jose in 1982, he entered the world of photography in 2011, when his passion turned into his job.  He specialized in sport and documentary photography in additon to participating  in many concerts with renowned artists, major sporting and cultural events, as well as the 2014 political campaign of Costa Rica. Currently, he’s part of the Photo Media Express photo agency and he’s the photographer of the program “Fall in love with your city” by the Ministry of Culture of Costa Rica.


Ericka Lopez Vargas:
Ericka LopezEricka López Vargas was born on October 26th, 1983, in Alajuela Costa Rica. She studied Photography at a community college that became an official public university some years later, now it is known as Universidad Técnica Nacional where she graduated in 2006. She had always being interested in design, so in 2007 she started a major on Advertising Design. She now works as a freelance photographer and designer. Her work consists mostly on portraits and social events; however she is passionate about documentary. She is constantly working on expanding her knowledge and technique on this genre. She now lives in Alajuela with her husband and two kids.

Gustavo Cambronero: FB: gustavo.cambronero
Gustavo CambroneroGustavo was born in 1975, in San Jose, Costa Rica. He has been enjoying photography for more than 20 years. One of his preferred techniques is sport photography, specifically in motor sports where he has had the opportunity to work in different events and competitions. However, what he really loves and enjoys is capturing nature beauties of Costa Rica in photography, where he can highlight the wonders of Costa Rica. Not only does he want to personally enjoy the peaceful components of nature but he also wants to share it with people around the world.   He plans to  continue contributing to conservation efforts so that more people can align with the beauty of this world and the need to take care of it.


  • From June 6th -9th, Costa Rica (CR) peace idiosyncrasy will be displayed in a international platform of cultural and artistic initiatives related to peace, during the Sarajevo Peace Event. Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and over 50 organizations will joint efforts to commemorate peace, as a reminder of the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I.
  • Through the “Ecosystems of Peace” project, our country will be one of the few Latin American representatives. This is thanks to the Costa Rican Association in France (ACRF), Dos Mares Association (established in France to promote the exchange of photographers artists from Central America – France) and Rome University.
  • The project concept was proposed, developed and financed by a team of four Costa Rican proffesionals that live in France, Italy and United States, and that above all, values and take pride of CR history and wish to share the “Ticos” spirit with the World.

Ecosystems of Peace

Ecosystems of Peace promotes Costa Rica’s culture of peace to the world, via a:
+ photograph exhibit guided tour
+ printed postcards (to give away)

“A guided tour to a cultural exhibit supported by visual aids that aim to show the country path. Five “ecosystems” that helped the country in building a culture of peace and non violence will be depicted through different Costa Rican artists.”

The Ecosystems

1.Army-free: policies that promote peace

2.Cultural diversity: presenting different cultures that live and coexist in CR

3.Biodiversity: protected environment

4.Education for peace: institutions that promote culture

5.Democracy: tradition, multi-party