• From June 6th -9th, Costa Rica (CR) peace idiosyncrasy will be displayed in a international platform of cultural and artistic initiatives related to peace, during the Sarajevo Peace Event. Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and over 50 organizations will joint efforts to commemorate peace, as a reminder of the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I.
  • Through the “Ecosystems of Peace” project, our country will be one of the few Latin American representatives. This is thanks to the Costa Rican Association in France (ACRF), Dos Mares Association (established in France to promote the exchange of photographers artists from Central America – France) and Rome University.
  • The project concept was proposed, developed and financed by a team of four Costa Rican proffesionals that live in France, Italy and United States, and that above all, values and take pride of CR history and wish to share the “Ticos” spirit with the World.

Ecosystems of Peace

Ecosystems of Peace promotes Costa Rica’s culture of peace to the world, via a:
+ photograph exhibit guided tour
+ printed postcards (to give away)

“A guided tour to a cultural exhibit supported by visual aids that aim to show the country path. Five “ecosystems” that helped the country in building a culture of peace and non violence will be depicted through different Costa Rican artists.”

The Ecosystems

1.Army-free: policies that promote peace

2.Cultural diversity: presenting different cultures that live and coexist in CR

3.Biodiversity: protected environment

4.Education for peace: institutions that promote culture

5.Democracy: tradition, multi-party

The Artists

The selected work of 6 artists shows an intimate and personal vision of the way Costa Ricans live in a territory that encourages a culture of peace and non violence.

About 30 photos will be part of the exhibit.


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Costa Rica Team – Project Conception

katherineKatherine Armstrong (Italy) International Relations consultant at a local NGO that promotes intercultural dialogue and social inclusion through arts and sports and a lecturer of Adult Education Didatics at University of Padua. Phd student at Roma Tre University .


silviaSilvia Espinoza (France) Cultural project manager for France’s Costa Rican Association. Consultant 10 years experience in Communications, Corporate Training and Projects deployment. Master Degree by Sorbonne University .


vanessaVanessa Méndez (USA) International consultant for education and health projects. Masters degree in Communication and Education from Catholic University in Chile and Project Management Certificate from University of California, Berkeley.

The Peace Event Sarajevo (June, 6th-9th)


sarajevo peace event




  • An international exchange platform for debate and information on different topics related to nonviolence and peace.
  • An acknowledgment for all peace initiatives to exchange thoughts, achievements and challenges.
  • Organized by advocates for peace from different countries of Europe, with the support of more than 50 organizations, aiming at transforming a world of war and violence into a culture of peace, non-violence and justice.

•+50 organizations – researchers and universities – Peace leaders – Local Government and Decision Makers – Young Movements – European Community –International Media
•+30 countries involved
•+160 workshops

 Type of activities:

  • Plenary sessions, keynote speeches, workshops and roundtable discussions on the above mentioned topics;
  • A Peace trail, with NGO presentations, exhibitions; music and film festivals;
  • Public events, street actions, artistic performances, animations in/with schools;
  • An International Youth Camp.

The main themes:
•Peace and Social Justice
•A Culture of Peace and Nonviolence
•Gender, Women and Peace
•Reconciliation and Dealing with the Past
•Militarism and Alternatives