Workshop at Sarajevo Peace Event

Saturday June 7th from 4 to 10 PM


Muhameda Ef. Pandže 7, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia y Herzegovina


Speakers: Katherine Armstrong, Silvia Espinoza and Vanessa Mendez

Artists: Ronald Reyes, Lucas Iturriza, Rosemary Golcher, Luis Alvarado Gustavo Cambronero and Ericka Lopez.

Supporters: University of Peace, Arias Foundation for the Progress and Human Development,  Jose Figueres Ferrer Historic Cultural Center)

Ecosystems of Peace is an exhibition that presents the work of 6 artist based in Costa Rica. All of them use their photography to develop a multi-voice narrative. Each artist displays their intimate reflection of how Costa Ricans live while encouraging the culture of peace and non-violence. We pride ourselves in promoting the country’s track record of erradicating the army, seeding cultural diversity, setting an example for democracy, leading the way for biodiversity, and educating for peace.

Please spread the word, visit our workshop and follow us