Meet the artists

Lucas Iturriza: (project declared of cultural interest)

Lucas is a doLucas Iturrizacumentary and portrait photographer specializing in native populations, travel and culture. He has traveled extensively through 5 continents in search of stories and images. He directed Marcopolo Magazine, an Argentinean travel magazine for 5 years. He devised and produced “Postcards from Marcopolo” for the National Geographic Channel for 4 years. Iturriza also cofounded the photo agency Photonomada whose philosophy is “Understanding difference, we build peace.” His articles are published in newspapers and magazines throughout the world. Since 2007 he permanently relocated to the south Caribbean, which he uses as a base for documenting Costa Rica and Central America.


Rosemary Golcher:

Rosemary Golcher

Born in Costa Rica, she graduated in 1995 with honors from the University of Costa Rica. She majored in Fine Arts with emphasis on “Painting”. She was a founding member of the Costa Rican Association of Visual Artists, ACAV, she has been president for four years, and in 2012 completed her presidency. Now she is Honory President of ACAV. Since 1994 she has participated in several art shows individual and collective of painting, printmaking woodcut, digital art, textile art and drawing in Costa Rica, The United States, Spain, Germany, Chile, Poland, Italy, Mexico, Honduras, Argentina, Turkey, China, Nicaragua, France and Netherlands.


Ronald Reyes:

Ronald Reyes

Ronald Reyes Sevilla is a visual artist and photographer born in Costa Rica. He founded Dos Mares, a french organization that supports international artists through exhibitions, book editions and residence programs. At the same time he created    Upeeee Studio,  a  commercial  photo studio.  Before moving to France, Ronald worked as photographer-in-chief at The Tico Times, an English-Language weekly based in San José, Costa Rica. After this period he became photographer at the Associated Press (AP) and also started a career as a freelance photographer working for Costa Rican and worldwide publications such as the Institute on the Environment, Frommer’s, Fodor’s, Kircher-Burkhardt, L.A. Times, Star Telegram and many others. He studied at the Universidad de Costa Rica, Colegio Universitario de Alajuela and L’Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie d’Arles.


Luis Alvarado:

Luis Alvarado

Costa Rican photographer born in San Jose in 1982, he entered the world of photography in 2011, when his passion turned into his job.  He specialized in sport and documentary photography in additon to participating  in many concerts with renowned artists, major sporting and cultural events, as well as the 2014 political campaign of Costa Rica. Currently, he’s part of the Photo Media Express photo agency and he’s the photographer of the program “Fall in love with your city” by the Ministry of Culture of Costa Rica.


Ericka Lopez Vargas:
Ericka LopezEricka López Vargas was born on October 26th, 1983, in Alajuela Costa Rica. She studied Photography at a community college that became an official public university some years later, now it is known as Universidad Técnica Nacional where she graduated in 2006. She had always being interested in design, so in 2007 she started a major on Advertising Design. She now works as a freelance photographer and designer. Her work consists mostly on portraits and social events; however she is passionate about documentary. She is constantly working on expanding her knowledge and technique on this genre. She now lives in Alajuela with her husband and two kids.

Gustavo Cambronero: FB: gustavo.cambronero
Gustavo CambroneroGustavo was born in 1975, in San Jose, Costa Rica. He has been enjoying photography for more than 20 years. One of his preferred techniques is sport photography, specifically in motor sports where he has had the opportunity to work in different events and competitions. However, what he really loves and enjoys is capturing nature beauties of Costa Rica in photography, where he can highlight the wonders of Costa Rica. Not only does he want to personally enjoy the peaceful components of nature but he also wants to share it with people around the world.   He plans to  continue contributing to conservation efforts so that more people can align with the beauty of this world and the need to take care of it.