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Ecosistemas de paz greatly appreciates all contributions to our work and would like to recognize the mission of these institutions that promote the culture of peace and non-violence from Costa Rica to the world:

logo-upeaceUniversity for Peace (UPEACE) is an education organization established in Costa Rica in 1980 “to provide humanity with an international institution of higher education for peace with the aim of promoting among all human beings the spirit of understanding, tolerance and peaceful coexistence, to stimulate cooperation among peoples and to help lessen obstacles and threats to world peace and progress, in keeping with the noble aspirations proclaimed in  the Charter of the United Nations” UPEACE current Rector is Dr. Francisco Rojas Aravena.

Letter of support  Letter of support UPEACE

For more information please visit: upeace.org

logo fundacion arias 1The Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress is a Costa Rican non-governmental and non-profit organization. It was created in 1988 with the monetary support of the Nobel Peace Prize, granted to the founder and then-President of the Republic of Costa Rica, Dr. Oscar Arias Sánchez, in recognition of his action in favor of peace and reconciliation in Central America. It has, as a mission, to promote just and peaceful societies and equality in Central America. The Foundation’s continuing work is divided among three active and expanding areas: the Area for Good Governance and Human Progress, the Area for Peace and Human Security, and the Area for Higher Education and Research.

Letter of support: Letter of support Arias Foundation

For more information please visit: arias.or.cr

centro figueres logoCultural and Historic Center Jose Figueres Ferrer is an institution under the management of the Ministery of Culture and Youth, which aims to promote arts and culture as a way of strengthening democratic values. Was conceived as a place where people can “take a peek” at art in its various forms and develop their own sensitivity, so that the words of Don Jose Figueres Ferrerer “Why tractors without violins?” don’t become worn out words.

 Because the memory of Jose Figueres Ferrer as a humanist, statesman and politician, deserves to be honored: Don Pepe is recognized in the world for having the vision to abolish the army, allowing Costa Rica to invest in social development. He was a man committed to culture and always gave great importance to the cultivation of the arts.

 The museum is located in the birthplace of Don Jose Figueres Ferrer in 1906. The institutions seeks to covert the site into a learning and entertainment place, enabling people to take and convey the importance of spirit cultivating or democracy strengthening and human development promotion.

 It is a living monument, where children, youth and adults are admitted every day, hoping to learn about dance, music, literature, visual arts, etc, adn where people have a space to discuss thoughts and ideas. It focuses its work to foster stimulating enviroment for learning and enjoyment of art through various artistic training and promotion projects and strenghtening democratic values. Source costaricainfolink

Ecosistemas de Paz exhibition will be at Cultural and Historic Center Jose Figueres Ferrer from September 6th 2014. Don´t miss the opportunity!

For more information please visit:  centrojosefigueres.org

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