WE WILL BE AT VERSAILLES Solar Decathlon 2014 competition

Ecosistemas de Paz will be at the Cite du Soleil, near by the Palace of Versailles in the Solar Decathlon 2014 event with our exhibition and workshop. We will be supporting the Costa Rican solar-house project TROPIKA by the TEC Team.

costa rica dayEcosistemas de Paz exhibition and workshop
When: Thursday 3rd of July 2014
Where: Cite du Soleil
Hour: 12 noon

Ecosistemas de Paz was invited to participate at the Costa Rica Country Day by the TEC Team, ACRF Association of Costa Ricans in France and Costa Rica Embassy in France to represent Costa Rican culture at the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014.

The Solar Decathlon was inaugurated in U.S. in 2002 after an initiative taken by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Open to the public, the Solar Decathlon is an award-winning Competition which unites the greatest universities from all over the world to design, build and operate a full-scale, entirely functional solar-powered house. The third edition will be held from June 28th to July 14 in Versailles, Paris, in a temporary and sustainable micro-city called La Cite du Soleil.

The name of the Project is TROPIKA and it was created by 36 students from 12 different academic fields of the Costa Rican Institute of Technology and includes administrators, architects, designers, and engineers.  Juan Carlos Marti, PM explained that the main goal was to create a concept that could be adapted as a real solution for housing in our ecosystem. TROPIKA is a sustainable home that leverages the benefits of the tropical climate of Costa Rica, also uses materials that cause low environmental impact and has not neglected the requirements of accessibility and mobility that would benefit seniors and people with special needs.

They need your support  to win the Public Choice award. Vote at http://goo.gl/ilJC11

You can learn more about this project at

TEC TEAM http://goo.gl/KAZKbA

SOLAR DECATHLON 2014 http://goo.gl/IHHeeE


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